APP Connecting People

The network CONNECTING PEOPLE consist on a wifi application connecting people through activities that we propose within the city of Madrid.

These activities are divided into several networks which are: the wifi spaces network, virtual connections, physical connections, sport activities, cultural activities, and open air activities.
Our studies have detected basic axes in the city which are Paseo de la Castellana, Alcala street, Manzanares river an the Gran Via axis, around which we have detected the principal nodes attracting people, so there we have decided to locate our wifi connectors, the CONNECTED DOMES. They are the physical element representing this connection and provide  connection via wifi in the surroundings. Thus, people might access to all activities in a much easier way, either by phone, laptop or through interactive modules that we  have established in these areas and allows the user to easily access information through tactile screens.
The CONNECTED DOMES also host all kind of activities since their scale is variable and of easy assemblage.
This network allows people to connect with others not just through various activities but it also allows them to know the city from a different perspective.

Work group:

Mario Arca Jáudenes, Jorge Arroyo Calvente, Gabriel Muñoz Moreno


Casa de Velázquez: Xavier Baudoin (Director of artistic studies, Casa de Velázquez)

Universidad San Pablo CEU: Gracia Cid (urbanist architect, Fundación Metrópoli)

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