Pedestrian Loop (1st prize)

GABO 2GABO 3Competition theme: Race for a Cause (Vectorworks)

In the city we are used to play sports in the streets, surrounded by large buildings and people going places without noticing what´s happening around them, thus becoming obstacles to the runner. In other occasions we go out running in parks built only for people to spend their spare time resting, rendering the parks as nothing more than green carpets within the city bounds.

Addressing the requirements of park use within the cities, here with is proposed a mix of cultural uses of the park for the enjoyment of the runner during his rest time and others accompanying him (family, friend, etc.). These uses could include events such as concerts, culinary events, theatres, cinemas, urban painting, etc.

This proposal consists in a design which takes into account the relevance of the site for the runner. It describes a jogging track taking into account alternative applications relating sports and culture. The track could be used for speed races, marathons, bicycle races, etc. The circuit will be an open air space thus creating an adequate environment for these sports, enabling the runner to keep its space separate from that of the city dweller which isn´t running. At the same time, the track flows around a wide area conditioned to host multiple cultural events.

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