Skycropper Seoul (special mention)

Seoul Skycropper.jpg

The unprecedented technological development of our times has resulted in a rapid increase of population, especially in the cities, where the solution chosen to absorb it has been to grow vertically, which itself results in a higher population density. Technology innovation has brought new needs that the currently projected skyscrapers can´t fulfill.

We propose a skyscraper with a structure capable of absorbing the numerous changes brought up by our society. Taking into account key concepts such as growth and “vertical farm”, the first question that came to mind was how a tree is structured. Following this line of thought, a tree has three components:

The roots: they are the tree´s foundations and collect the nutrients from the ground.

The trunk: it is the main structure and is a cannel to carry the nutrients to the branches.

The branches: it is a secondary structure that searches light.

With these three components we have proposed a tower capable of working as a tree. It grows by the addition of “branches” to the trunk. They absorb the changes and are built of steel instead of wood because it is the material that best allows growth whilst leaving free space.

Depending on the number of dwellers and their density, the skyscraper will expand and contract in height. This way it can grow in time and can be adapted easily to different regions of the world. The branches will look for the optimal points where to grow food and will be oriented towards the city´s highlights.

Competition info:


Rafael García-Monge, Gabriel Muñoz Moreno

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