‘Drawing of the Year 2013’, (Honorary mention)


The Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark, The Danish Agency for Culture and the award winning architecture and design office SHL proudly announced a joint venture ‘Drawing of the Year 2013’.

Drawing is a media production and a dissemination of thoughts and dreams. The recipient should be invited to wonder, be moved and involved in drawing as recognition and discussion of tomorrow’s architecture. The drawing substantive theme is ”Engaging Through Architecture” – a focus on architecture’s ambition to take an active part in social development.


La arquitectura es una herramienta capaz de cambiar y encontrar el equilibrio entre nuestro modo de vida y los diversos ecosistemas que habitamos. Por ello, es necesario reflexionar sobre las propiedades que alteramos al realizar nuestras labores constructivas.

El lugar debe de tener una prioridad, dejando que nos forme, evitando adaptar el mismo a nosotros. La transparencia y la permeabilidad son los primeros conceptos a tener en cuenta. Conceptos que dejan fluir los ciclos que forman estos lugares y permiten que exista un equilibrio.


– Peter Wilson

– Peter Salter

– Morten Schmidt

– Torben Nielsen


A Collage of graphic layers almost a cosmology, almost a topography. Explicit notation almost over

explains this profound image.


Collaboration with the artist Sara Oliver Gomez de la Vega               http://saraolivergv.com/

Competition info:







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