Social Cooperation Architects (SCoopA) begins!

POSTER NUEVOWe are happy to announce that Social Cooperation Architects (SCoopA) has born!

In order to gather people with similar interest, Rafael García Monge-Pozo and Gabriel Munoz Moreno have created Social Cooperation Architects (SCoopA), where participants can submit their proposals to be exhibited at the Expo Milano 2015 and build a network to work with a common goal.

The dimensions of the challenges that our society is facing nowadays makes necessary multiple persons from interdisciplinary fields to solve them. In SCoopA we create projects that faces this challenges by experimentation and analysis, pursuing a better development for our society, our cities and ecosystems that we inhabit.

Our first project is a call for proposals to be exhibited at the Expo Milano 2015. This call for proposals wants to give solutions to part of the main problems that our society is facing. Some of these problems are the social inequalities, the population growth, the harm of this growth on our planet, the scarcity of our resources and the possibility of maintain all the new inhabitants.

If you are interested in participating, click on the next link!

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