Making children first class citizens

PANEL3.1 PANEL3.1 PANEL3.1How encourage children to cycle to school on their own without getting lost? Spatial knowledge gains one over the years. For example, small children can’t read maps, but can remember buildings when they are related to a specific memory. We produced two maps for children to find their way to school by making use of the build environment.
One map is for an area without distinctive buildings, the other map is produced for an area with older, more characteristic buildings. Different techniques are used to make small children aware of the build surroundings.

Workshop Leader:

Izaskun Chinchilla (Principal Architect at Izaskun Chinchilla

Work Team:

Marina Caprini Cezar Bento

Jose Carlos Castro Barros Barros

Jose Andres Coba

Willian Moisés González Armas

Hameda Yousef Janahi

Daniela Mitterberg

Gabriel Munoz Moreno

Shristina Shrestha

Animesh Shrestha

Zheng Zhou

Jaqueline Lessa

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