First Prize/ Sea Level Rise Laureate, Jaques Rougerie Foundation / International Competition
First Prize / ARCH+ Planetary Urbanism – Critique of the Present / International Competition
Nominated/ ARCHIPRIX World’s Best Graduation Projects / International Competition
Honorary Mention / eVolo 2015 Skyscraper / International Competition
Second Prize / PFC Asemas / National Competition
First Prize / Desinging the Future, Most Innovative Thesis Project / National Competition
First Prize / Rethinking the Future (RTF), Sustainability Awards / International Competition
First Prize / D3 Natural Systems / National Competition
Exhibit Prize / EXPO MILANO 2015, Fondazione Triulza / International Competition
Prize for Sustainability & Innovation / PFC COAM 2014 / National Competition
Honorary Mention / Drawing of the Year 2013 / International Competition
Honorary Mention / SuperSkyScrapers, Vertical Farm / International Competition
First Prize / Creative Minds, “Nemetschek Vectorworks” / National Competition
Second Prize / Buenos Aires High Performance Center, “ArchMedium” / International Competition


UN-HABITAT III – German Pavilion 
Harvard University – Ceramics Lab / Terracota Tectonics
Expo Milano 2015 / Civil Society Pavilion / Architectural solutions to global challenges
Satelite WSO-UV Roscosmos, UCM Spain / Habitat for extreme environments
ARCHIPRIX International & NL tour 2015 / “Re-Generator”
“LASEDE COAM” / “Re-Generator”
“Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark” and Denmark / “Drawing of the Year 2013”
“AIA National Tradeshow 2013, Denver” / Creative Minds, “Nemetschek Vectorworks”
“Facultad de arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB)” / (BAAR) “ArchMedium”


Harvard University / Dynamic Mapping of Secondary Cities
RISD University / Terracota Techtonics
Radio Nacional de España (RNE), Green Generation / Sustainable Construction

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